It’s that time again…

It's Christmas eve, and although I thought I'd just wish everyone a merry Christmas, I just had to add some more comments about the new version… 🙂

First, there have been a lot of questions about a Mac version of Opera 7. As we can see, it unfortunately did not make it in time for Christmas. There isn't much we can say about it either (our release plans are never published), but it is still being worked on. We just don't want to rush things. It needs to be done right.

Due to the holidays and such, not much is happening on 7.50 in general, so don't expect another preview this year. But we're going to tweak everything and probably release a few previews/beta before we go final early next year.

The next preview of 7.50 will likely see a much improved start panel with more functionality, more tweaking of the user interface, and, hopefully, some small features/fixes that a lot of people are waiting for.

The preview release has not really uncovered any serious/unknown issues apart from problems with the unfinished UI and some problems here and there that need to be ironed out, so everything looks good. It will be a nice release.

But anyway…

Merry Christmas to everyone!