Those tricky questions…

We often get questions that we simply cannot answer, for one reason or another.

When will the next version be out? Is Opera being ported to some specified platform? Will this feature be available soon?

As much as we'd love to talk more about both future releases, features, ports, and so on, we just can't. We do have plans and deadlines, and an overview of features that need to be implemented, and what the top priorities are, but things often change in the world of computers. Suddenly, something might pop up which lead to a change of plans. If that happens and we've already told people what was initially planned, we get these nasty comments about how we are consciously lying to and misleading our customers. Yes, it has happened.

Any minor detail hinted on by us could be taken as a promise to deliver, even in the next version… I think it's easy to see why we'd rather keep quiet and really surprise people when they actually get to see it themselves when they download the latest version.

And for those of you who are wondering when the next version will be out, the answer is, as always:

WIR, probably RSN ­čśë


8 thoughts on “Those tricky questions…

  1. When will the next version be out? Is Opera being ported to the XBox? Will the kitchen sink feature be available soon?

  2. will coke ever tell pepsi how to make a good soft drink??will MS ever help its competition get their browsers working properly??well, at least you **know** the answer to the above…

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