After preview 3, visitors @ Opera HQ, and Opera IPO

Since there have been a few things going on since my last update, I'll cover them all in this post.

Preview 3

The feedback we've gotten on preview 3 shows that we have resolved most major issues, and that means that we can work towards a possible public beta of Opera 7.50.

There are still things that need more work, such as the start panel and the new tray icon, and there are several minor issues, such as focus problems and small inconsistencies that need to be fixed.

But it is looking good, and with a new default skin and some polish, I think 7.50 will be a nice release.

Visitors at Opera

Completely unrelated to Opera releases, we had visitors last Friday. One of our voluntary forum moderators, closet geek, and Norwegian forum member Air_walk, visited our main office in Oslo, Norway. After a confusing start where Olli, who was supposed to show them around, hadn't appeared yet, we managed to get the lazy bugger out of bed, and the two visitors got a full tour of the Opera offices.

It was nice to show a couple of Opera users around and give them an impression of the environment Opera is developed in. They noticed that despite the somewhat east block-like look on the exterior of the building, our offices are actually quite nice.

They didn't get to see any big secrets, but they can testify that Opera 7 for Mac is indeed up and running, and that it is looking quite nice too.

Opera IPO

Opera has been in the browser business for almost a decade now, and yesterday, we finally did our IPO (Initial Public Offering).

Despite the downgoing trend for most other companies on the Oslo Stock Exchange, Opera shares went up by more than ten per cent on their first day, which is very good, considering the circumstances. There has been some press coverage on this, too.

The interest from foreign investors, especially in the states, has apparently been incredible, and things are looking bright.

As the only browser to bring the desktop experience to handheld devices, we do have a strong card on our hands 😉


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