Washington Post Reviewer Plays The Wrong Scale?

Many Opera fans (and foes) have noticed a rather negative review of Opera in the Washington Post by Rob Pegoraro. Comments from readers have ranged from "What?! How dare he criticize Opera!" to "See? I told you Opera was crap!"

Not one to let somewhat unresearched reviews ("no support for the encrypted log-ins"? "newsgroup filtering isn't available"?) ruin Opera's reputation, the author behind 30 Days to Becoming an Opera Lover has written up a response where he basically, well, tears Mr. Pegoraro's article apart. It is a very interesting read, and does a good job of proving a few important points. Read it, and you'll see what I mean:

Washington Post misses Opera 7.5's Greatest Hits

That is not to say that there is no room for improvement in Opera. Far from it. For example, I personally would like to see the main bar dead and buried, until someone actually enables it manually (right now it appears when you choose generic ads), and there are plenty of other things to deal with as well, which we do on an ongoing basis. But one would expect a journalist to do a bit more research than Mr. Pegoraro seems to have done in his review.

In any case, Tim does it again. It is strange that a review where more than half is spent pointing out how great Opera is comes to the conclusion it does, and that without even scratching the surface of the possibilities that exist for Opera users.

Read the articles for yourself, and make up your own mind. Is it Washington Post which is Out of Tune?

(Don't mind the cheesy headline. I'm just following up.)


2 thoughts on “Washington Post Reviewer Plays The Wrong Scale?

  1. I emailed the Washington Post writer directly and posted that email aong with a comment under Tim's response to the Washington Post article….

    It amazes me that "experts" can write with such carelessness! :insane:

  2. All I can say (after my multiple posts in the above-linked forum thread) is that it is SO clear that Rob Pegoraro didn't have a clue as to what he was talking about. It was so obvious that he didn't use Opera nearly enough to be able to write a comprehensive review of it.

    Rob has written other articles previously, about browsers in general, and each time he gives some kind of false information about Opera. I've emailed him before and the first thing he said was "God, my article must have been posted on some sort of Opera fanclub website." But he was wrong. In fact, I just happened to read his article and found a lot of crap in it, and decided to tell him. Maybe then, I thought, he would realize that half the things he says about Opera are not true. But no. He still just needs to give Opera a real try. But as ignorant as he is, who knows if that will ever happen…

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