Opera 7.52

Opera 7.52 has been released! More info on opera.com.


3 thoughts on “Opera 7.52

  1. Can somebody tell me the exact changes in search.ini? If they aren't significant, then I'd like to cut & paste instead of upgrading.

    Please don't tell me to read the changelog unless the specifics are mentioned there. I looked & didn't find them.

  2. A backup of your previous search.ini is saved as search.ini.bak.

    Just take search.ini.bak and make it search.ini, again.


  3. Are you telling me to download & install it, then compare the differences? The whole point of my asking was to see the differences before installing. Last time I upgraded to 7.51, I noticed big differences in the way the keys worked. I want to avoid upgrading, unless I have to.

    Right now my system works well for my purposes. However, I want to know if there is something that I can do to the search parameters/arguments to give Opera credit. Sometimes web sites will give the browser companies credit for sending their users to the sites.

    That being said, thanks for your time.

    Maybe I'll just upgrade, seeing as nobody will help me.

    I am curious, though. Seeing as you decided to take time to reply, why didn't you just answer my questions or post a copy of search.ini?

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