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I do QA/testing in the Desktop department at Opera, and I also try to stay updated on everything that happens in our user communities. Even though I work for Opera Software, the opinions stated herein do not necessarily represent those of my employer.


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  1. Thanks Haarvard, the deed is done, First time for everything, this was my first for forums. I think I did it right? I hope this isn't to forward but is your name spelled Håvard or is really Haarvard? Thanks for your help. I hope they can resolve it, time hasn't. :cheers:

  2. My name can be spelled "Håvard" or "Haavard". The double a is really just a different way to write "å". I use "å" most of the time, but online it's easier with "aa".

  3. Thanks, Håvard, I have several friends in Norway so I called up the Norwegian character set. It is a fairly easy access for me. Thank you for taking the time to respond I appreciate it and I certainly appreciate all of your hard work and that of the whole Desktop Team as well as all of Opera. Please pass that on. Would you care to have a friend in Canada(or another one)? :)Crysta "PhotM"

  4. Tanxs Haavard,ur warning fully confirmed what i already know after the first mail from dis individual. Gudjob. And I just added u into my friend list. Hope,u wudnt mind,please,confirm me.

  5. Originally posted by haavard:

    My name can be spelled "Håvard" or "Haavard". The double a is really just a different way to write "å". I use "å" most of the time, but online it's easier with "aa".

    Thanks for this information. I've learnt something new today! :yes:.

  6. Hi Haaavard, how are you?Yesterday when I tried to open up my blog (http://my.opera.com/Ao-Trang-Oi/blog/), it read "403 Forbidden". I can still log in and log out of my account but it is just when I try to access my blog that it comes up as an error. Is this temporary (an error of the site) or permanent? Is the blog basically gone; entries are all lost? Do you think it's possible that this was caused by hackers? Please, if you can get back to me with what the problem is that would be great. Thank you for your help in advance.

  7. Hi Håvard. I just thought I'd drop a few lines to let you know I've been enjoying your weekly summaries of Opera's ongoings, and hope you will pick it up at some point very soon. Have you been so busy lately that there's no time to keep your followers up to date? Thanks again for sharing your thoughts with us, keep up the good work! :up: EDIT: Also, happy 6-year blog-anniversary!

  8. The weekly updates may return from time to time, but it's quite a bit of work to stay on top of everything that happens!

  9. :hi: Håvard, Y'all,Originally posted by PhotMSupportLab:

    about a My.Opera.com problem with NEWS on Notifications for Email.

    Originally posted by haavard:

    You can post issues related to my.opera.com in the My Opera feedback forum:

    The notification on both sites just started working again on December 9, after 5 months. We are still checking and testing on "Justabi" to see how they will go through her Email to SMS converter on Telus. I gave up looking at my Forum Post. Who ever fixed it, Please thank them!Merry Christmas,Crysta / PhotM :yes: :up: 😀 :wine:

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