Opera 8 Beta 2

Changelog, Opera 8 Beta 2

Some highlights:

  • Fix for IDN spoofing by using a whitelist. (Advisory)
  • Opera shows a padlock icon and the name of the certificate owner in the URL field for secure sites, with a yellow background.
  • When Opera checks for new updates, it now also updates the IDN whitelist automatically, and it will download a "ua.ini" file which is used to change the browser identification setting per site, for sites that block Opera.
  • Report site problems from the Help menu.
  • Option to open transfers in the background.
  • Atom newsfeed support.
  • Click and hold the back button for a dropdown.
  • Font setting for incoming mail.
  • EXIF data in the image properties dialog.
  • Support for document.selection, document.getSelection and TextRange (DOM/JS).
  • Lots of ERA fixes, plugin fixes and scripting fixes.
  • Various voice fixes.

7 thoughts on “Opera 8 Beta 2

  1. simply awesome. i especially like the incoming email font setting! before, i was forced to view them in 14pt verdana if i wanted to keep my web font at any reasonable size for pages which didn't specify font sizes. now all my rss feeds have nice lucidia console 10pt 🙂

  2. …unconventional but great 🙂

    I particularly like the new appearance menu and live viewing of new skins is an excellent little addition.

    As is the showing the cert holder on the URL bar.

    What isn't so good is that one bug that appeared in 7.6P4 I think it was is still with us that affects me because my most visited site is now feature broken. 😦

    I reported it as a bug though… hope it makes it into the next beta or final because I'll have to continue to use 7.54 to visit that site if it's not fixed.

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