Opera’s CEO reveals what lies ahead

The first batch of answers from the chat with Jon have been posted. More questions will be answered next week, but already now, a lot has been revealed about what the future holds for Opera.

Since these are things a lot of people are asking about, I am summing up some important parts here. Bear in mind, though, that these quotes are taken out of a context, and that these are of course not promises that any of this will be done in the next version. Don't take my post as an official word that any of this will be done, or when. Instead read the answers yourself.

Jon's answers:

– On Web Forms 2.0:

"we are implementing Web Forms 2.0"

– On Acid2:

"When it comes to the Acid2 test, it goes without saying that we will pass this test 100% in the future and that is a priority."

– On Opera for Pocket PC:

"we have a strategy of working on multiple platforms and we hope to be on Pocket PC as soon as possible"

– On sending HTML mails and extensions:

"During the last few years, many central modules in Opera have been rewritten. At the same time we have added a lot of new features. We have more resources than ever and we will use them to do your bidding, Anthony! :-)"

– On rich text e-mail composing (not necessarily HTML):

"We are working on it."

– On CSS3:

"We have also started adding CSS3 support."

– On XForms:

"XForms support is being discussed."

– On extensions:

"We are likely to add new ways to extend Opera in the future"

– On ad blockers:

"We have chosen not to push adblock in Opera, but there is a lot of ways you can perfom this kind of function, including use of User CSS and User JavaScript. Please note, however, that many sites are only able to provide their content for free through the use of ads. They may well not be able to do so if everybody starts using adblockers."

– On site compatibility:

"we will continue to work hard to make faulty pages work well"

– On popup whitelisting:

"We may well add site specific pop-up blocking in the future, for advanced users."

– On "Opera Lite":

"We have no plans to make a limited version of Opera."

– On porting voice to other platforms:

"that really is up to IBM. We are discussing that with them."

Remember, read the full text to see the quotes in context!


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