CNET’s misleading review of Opera

Unfortunately, another reviewer has failed to do his research properly. CNET has reviewed Opera and a few other browsers (including an IE shell). Opera ends up in last place with Internet Explorer…

Numerous flaws have been pointed out by users in the forums, and it seems clear that CNET is more than a little biased.

What will it take to get a fair and unbiased review?

3 thoughts on “CNET’s misleading review of Opera

  1. Indeed, perhaps they do! A holiday, and indeed a break from their silly jobs reviewing second rate software and making first rate software look s**t, is just what the doctor ordered! Then again, I doubt even that would knock any sense into those fire**** fanboys! 🙄

    Oh ye, and does anyone know why the smilies frame to the left of the reply box is messed up? (the black strip saying "smilies and symbols" is offset from the top of the fame by about 4mm or so).

  2. My CNET newsletter comes with an HTML attachment, as an Explorer document. The text portion of the review -including IE's skin- wouldn't fit on my screen! Left-arrow, right-arrow, left-arrow…just to read a few lines of text. As the review said, "any Web page can be stretched or shrunk within Opera without losing any content on the page." More than that: Opera bunches up CNet's silly tabs and lets me read the text! Apparantly someone at Opera thinks "content" is important…(Guess I'll have to script my trusty Emailer to change the code for HTML attachments to Opera.)

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