Microsoft on open-source and innovation. And “droves of frothing nerds”.

Microsoft's general manager of platform strategy put a spin on "innovation" again in an interview with CNET a few days ago:

"So I don't worry too much about Linux and open-source projects out-innovating us."

It is interesting how Microsoft is trying to catch up with Apple, whose products are built on an open-source foundation.

Slightly more amusing than a Microsoft manager trying to convince himself that Microsoft is innovative is the way another Microsoft person tries to mock people who complain about Microsoft's constant talk about "innovation".

It is amusing, not because of the comic strip, but because it kind of makes the whole blog post look a bit silly as long as Microsoft keeps going on and on and on and on about innovation. If Microsoft doesn't want to be confronted with facts, maybe they should stop claiming to be "innovative" all the time.

If Slashdot geeks complaining about Microsoft's constant "innovation" talk is "pathetic, then why does Microsoft itself keep bringing it up?

Stones and glass houses don't go together.


One thought on “Microsoft on open-source and innovation. And “droves of frothing nerds”.

  1. Windows Longhorn features are fantastic! I use them all the time in my Apple Mac OS X Tiger! 😀

    From MS: "Did IBM out innovate us? I don't think so."
    From /. "Things like high temperature superconductivity are boring – visual basic and clippy, those are innovations"

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