Minimo to the rescue: Will address problems with current phone browsers!

According to Yahoo!, Minimo is set to set things right in the mobile browser world:

"In general, Mimimo looks to address the problems with current mobile-phone browsers, which are difficult to use and don't display web pages very well."

"The lack of usability on the cellular phone or mobile device is a big hurdle to overcome before we can see faster growth of browsers"

Those are interesting comments, seeing as Opera is growing rapidly in the mobile market, and it fixed problems with displaying normal Web pages a long time ago.

Since it's a story on Minimo, I guess one cannot expect them to mention Opera, but a minimum of research would have showed them that a browser which fixes all of these problems already exists. Opera is available for a large number of mobile operating systems today, and it doesn't look to address problems with mobile phone browsers.

It has already fixed them.


2 thoughts on “Minimo to the rescue: Will address problems with current phone browsers!

  1. " Only 9 percent of cellular-phone subscribers in the United States use browsers to access news and information, according to JupiterResearch."

    This article reduces the whole World to the US of A. IT is true that Americans do not (yet) surf the web with their cell phones. Once again, their technology is way behind even though this kind of article seems to put them ahead of the pack.

    What is Opera's position on the US market? Do you have any distrbution agreement with any cell phone provider?

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