Acid2 progress on new Opera core engine

Tim has posted a new screenshot showing some progress on the Acid2 test.

These fixes were done on a new version of Opera's core (the rendering engine) not available to the public, and I guess you won't be seeing the new core in action in the immediate future. Once it's ready for public consumption, though, you'll be able to see it for yourself. There are quite a few other goodies in there that I'm itching to tell you all about, but I obviously can't do that just yet 🙂


4 thoughts on “Acid2 progress on new Opera core engine

  1. The screenshot that Rijk posted shows unregistered version of opera.Do you guys also have to pay for it? 😀

  2. Hello!

    If you guys really want to improve the rendering engine, please, please take a look at the code which renders PNG images with transparencies. It's way too slow.

    Also, add support for more CSS 3 🙂 and of course more CSS 2. Specially z-index for objects. Don't forget about 'hard-to-fix' bugs :D.

    Can't wait to test it.

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