Opera Mini: Mobile browsing for everyone.

While the competition is struggling to catch up to us and our mobile browsing technology, we have just widened the gap yet again.

Sure, this sounds like marketing fluff, but it's exactly what is happening. Opera Mini was announced today as a new product with a new revenue model. While the traditional Opera mobile browser needed a fairly capable mobile phone to run, Opera Mini will be able to run on most WAP capable phones, including low-end phones that will now be able to surf the Web with Opera.

So now people with more capable phones can run the best mobile browser, Opera, while those with lower-end phones, or content providers and other groups that want a custom browser which can be installed by just about any of their users, can run the new Opera Mini

Read more about Opera Mini.


2 thoughts on “Opera Mini: Mobile browsing for everyone.

  1. Does this mean that I will be able to surf the web with Opera on my 96×64 px² Nokia 3510i screen? :eyes:

    Provided that it goes ashore in Finland within the next few millennia :irked: ("Opera Mini™ is available to end-users through operators and companies that choose to include it in their offerings to their customers")

  2. this is great news… i myself own an j2me capable phone and having opera installed sounds really enticing 🙂
    unfortunatelly i am not sure how to get it because probably it will take a while until orange will make it (if ever) availabe in Romania.

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