More visitors at Opera

Some of you may remember the writeup called "Better branding for Opera", in which Opera user Lawrence Eng shared his thoughts on how to improve Opera's branding and image.

Apparently some people in Opera were intrigued by his text, so in June Lawrence came all the way from the US to visit the Opera offices in Oslo. He has now written about his visit, sharing some of his experiences from the trip. There is even some info on projects we are working on that have not been (fully) revealed yet, so it's definitely an interesting read if you are wondering what we are up to.


6 thoughts on “More visitors at Opera

  1. I must say that both pieces of writing on behalf of this "Lawrence Eng" are truly inspired. I'm mightily impressed on his general style of writing, and the content was superb.

    It's really nice these days, with so many of what I like to term "eKIDS" around, to find a person who knows what correct English usage really means!

    Both articles are a most enjoyable read, and I must thank Opera for once more brightening up my day! (Yesterday was a rather shoddy day for me, as my graphics card just conked out with no warning, but this makes up for all that!)

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