Get your free Opera license while you still can!

Opera is ten years, and we are celebrating!

Of course, gifts are a nice thing during celebrations, and here's our gift to you:

Get Opera licenses for free!

(These codes will not expire in a day, as rumoured, but are fully valid registration codes, with the exception that they will not give you access to Premium Support.)

The offer lasts for a day, and then the giveaway ends. So hurry up!


12 thoughts on “Get your free Opera license while you still can!

  1. They are normal registration codes. As in, it's the same as if you bought Opera except you won't have access to Premium Support.

  2. hello,first of all, thank you very much for giving us this birthday present!i'm not sure how this keys should be handled, i postet my thoughts and questions in this thread <>. unfortunatly nobody postet an answer till now. i really appreciate an official answer on this topic.thanks a lot and keep up your _good_ work!kind regardssiramon

  3. Hello,For some reason the link 'Get Opera licenses for free!' doesn't work. Is the link still active?Kind regards,

  4. To quote my comment two above yours, kahokola:"Opera 8.5 is free, so there's no need to get a license."

  5. I need a mobile browser not a desktop browser please is it possible to get one not opera mini but a full browser. I thank you

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