Finally: The new community site!

After months of hard work, the new community site is finally up and running! It's written entirely in-house, so there's no more relying on third parties to update the forum or the rest of the site with new functionality.

Just go to the front page and start exploring all the new features and improvements. And there's more to come as they iron out the final problems in this release and prepare for new enhancements… 🙂


14 thoughts on “Finally: The new community site!

  1. The new site looks greatGood workI would be nice if there was a section for blogs written by staff and they usually very interesting and informative !*Bookmarks Haavard's blog

  2. I really like the marketing Opera are doing these days (swim, party, free regs and now free blogs). It sucked for years and I experienced a brick wall when offering suggestions.Whoever is driving the change, all credit to you.

  3. Hallo Haavard,the idea is super, the work might be good. But: Where is a change history for journals/blogs? Why do so much things have to turn to more less or more bad in journals/blogs?greetings, Thomas

  4. It would be nice if you could visit pages a tad faster than one every 10 seconds or so, though. :-)The performance is not exactly overwhelming…

  5. I love opera.I used to post my articles on msn'space.but I found it was not very good .so i moved my blog here.

  6. I'm an experienced blogger, and I am impressed! To such a degree that I'm actually ditching my Mambo blog and moving to Opera blogs! Everything is implemented in such a nice and easy way, feeds, xhtml 1.0 transitional, rss, validating, posts, editing, photo albums, and now the servers are speedy, too – that's what did it for me. 😉

  7. Would it be possible to have the archives for the various forums to be carried forward from the old site? For example, I'm only active in the Opera for Mac forum, and there were many very useful workarounds and tricks readily available by using the Search function. Now, the search only returns posts that date from *after* the community changeover- those old tidbits and chestnuts are gone…It'd be well worth the effort, since there is so much technical knowledge that has already been exchanged. Just a thought, but it'd make a lot of sense…

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