Browser company Access to give up on mobile browser market?

Japanese company Access, creator of the NetFront WAP-gone-Web browser, will apparently acquire PalmSource, which adds operating system and Linux resources to their company.

It would seem that this signals Access's exit from the browser market, and an entry into a more general platform/operating system market where you can already find big players like Microsoft, Symbian, and so on.

Has Opera's lead in mobile browsing prompted this move? NetFront apparently started out as a WAP-only browser, but has later been struggling to catch up with Opera's lead on technology. Opera Software, after all, has been doing Web browsers for ten years, which has put us quite far ahead of former big players on mobiles – the WAP giants like Access.

It will be interesting to see how this turns out, but there will not be a lack of choice when it comes to mobile browsers even if this does mean that Access is out of the game. Mozilla's working hard on their browser, and there are other companies delivering mobile browsers that want a piece of the market too.

But Opera will of course continue to stay ahead. It is, after all, what we've been doing for ten years. We are not about to give up on browsers, neither desktop nor mobile.