Trusted Computing: Who’s trusting who?

Have you ever wondered what Trusted Computing is all about?

A short animated movie about trusted computing is making the rounds on the Internet, and it really makes it easier to understand what it is all about. Check it out, and spread the word!


2 thoughts on “Trusted Computing: Who’s trusting who?

  1. Address Type is Unknown or Unsupported for downloading this according to my Opera 8.5.Got it to work later now (the same link that didn't work before now works (go figure!) … bizarre presentation that is "over my head." What was the point of this? I really don't understand the movie's point. Are they saying that Microsoft is a villian here in some way?

  2. The point is, Trusted Computing is a great idea – as long as you trust those who make your equipment to make the right decisions for you. But do you? Because if they make the wrong decisions, you can't do what you want…What if "they" decides that they want to trust RIAA, MPAA and such – will you be able to copy your CD to your MP3-player? Will you be able to watch the DVD you bought abroad? Play the game you bought from abroad (and which you can't find anywhere in your own country)?

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