Microsoft wants webmasters to fix broken sites. For IE7.

This is kind of old news by now, but it is interesting to see Microsoft facing the same problems that other browsers have been having for years now that they are fixing a few bugs in Internet Explorer 7. Fortunately for Microsoft they are huge, and people listen to them, so they can basically tell designers that they need to fix their pages. For IE7 of course.

Hopefully we will see more webmasters taking Opera into consideration now that Opera's ad banners are gone, and more people start using Opera.


4 thoughts on “Microsoft wants webmasters to fix broken sites. For IE7.

  1. Wow! I'm not a web designer, so let me get this straight. Becuase IE didn't follow specs designers had to use funky code, now that they woke up and decided to follow specs thase pages now render incorrectly!This should end up helping Opera's compatability in the long run, shouldn't it?

  2. Did you see their suggested "fix" for the problem page example they gave? Proprietary "if IE" comment tags.Yesh, this is the way to get developers hooked on standards. For sure…It's just going from one hack to the next if you ask me. 😐

  3. Now isn't that calling the kettle black here.They have intentionally broke there own websites to hurt opera users and then encouraged that practice on other major websites that use M$ server.That's one reason why hosts so many scripts to fix the code sent to opera.They shouldn't play with fire if they don't like getting 3rd degree burns in return.

  4. And another thing CSS should be written in a cross-platform style instead of having to hack it silly for every bloody browser out there.IE want's it this way or mozilla/FF wants it that way. As a designer I personally hate the idea of having to check every bloody browser for a CSS sheet to make sure its working. I shouldn't have to if every browser obeys the CSS rules.If M$ is so hell bent on standards they should start with there OS and make one stable and…….. well now I am dreaming but you get the idea.

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