How does the Sony PSP browser measure up?

A lot of people would apparently like to see Opera for the PSP, even after the release of the official PSP browser.

Sony themselves didn't sound too enthusiastic about the new browser, describing it as "very basic":

"this is really a browser in the very basic meaning of the word. Today browsers are featuring tons of optional functions. Our browser is a basic HTML browser, nothing more." (source)

Even users seem to have some problems with it:

"It tries to do neat little things like be a web browser, but it has trouble loading many webpages without running out of memory and it simply isn't that enjoyable to use." (source)

Is there anyone else out there with similar first-hand experience with the new PSP Web browser? What are your thoughts about it?


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  1. I don't have PSP but heard (read forums) couple times that people would want to have decent browser here.But who don't want decent browser (Opea) for some platform? 😉 For example, I want Opera for Palm. 🙂

  2. I think it's suprisingly good. I honestly didn't expect it to do anyhing except the most basic stuff, but it has tabs and some javascript support as well. And a pretty nice fit-to-width algorithm.But do I want Opera for the PSP? Hell yeah!

  3. The official sony browser is ok, but only ok. It runs out of memory alot and can't display the page properly, and dosn't do a great job of resizing the page for the psp screen size. It doesn't have many feautures, but overall seems to work ok. If opera were to take on developing a browser (hopefully 1.5 & up), I think they should really consentrate on ease of use, packing in some handy features like email, auto image resize, skins etc. But concentrate mainly on a really good fit-to-width algorithm. Sony's just isn't up to scratch

  4. joris.geenstijl writes:I think the PSP has a poor excuse for a browser. I initially tried to write a reply with it on this topic, only to find out after 10 minutes of typing that it didn't handle the post-command correctly. On another site I tried to upload an image, but it didn't send out the correct MIME Type, so that failed as well.It is acceptable for your basic surfing needs, just as long as the overal pagesize isn't much bigger than about 100kb (including images, stylesheets etc). It's javascript functions are pretty limited to document.write, no DOM-manipulation whatsoever.Entering a captcha such as below isn't much fun either… you'd first have to write it down, because you can't see it while entering it in the textbox. Please please please Opera, make a decent browser for this platform, preferable also with T9 support for entering words 🙂

  5. Anonymous writes:Jesus christ…. do you lot want the moon on a stick as well?The PSP was never intended to be used for surfing the net from its launch. It just happened that someone managed to hack the Wipeout browser which forced Sony to get something out there ASAP.Give it time and I'm sure we'll see a lot of improvements.I'm just happy that I can use Gmail, Google and MSN while out and about.

  6. @comment above:You are right, but the mobile phone, Wii and DS aren't built with the intention to surf the web either.Just the capability makes a damn good excuse to at least research what are the possibilities of this device.Personally I think Opera has done very wisely by posting this blog article.Anyway, even though it isn't built to browse the internet it is capable of doing it.And it's also a popular (one could even say a cheap) way of browsing the internet on the go next to using your mobile phone.Since the new Slim & Lite version is out, it seems as if every single Netherlander has one.The current NetFront-based browser is more of a short-term solution and a quick fix.Both the Just-Fit and Smart-Fit algorithms are a complete joke, unlike on the Sony-Ericsson phones.CSS support is pretty crappy aswell, I can live with the bad Flash support though.There is no Ajax support, Javascript is very limited, the useragent string is well … nothing, you can't disable the warning popups, secure connections are terrible…I think it will definately have a positive effect on Opera if they would develope and release a browser for the PlayStation Portable.

  7. I have been using the psp browser for 3 years when it first came out and from first hand experience it is a very petty internet browser. You can't hardly do anything without running out of memory and you can not play any type of videos or media. I didn't know about Opera until I bought the Internet Channel on my Wii and I could hardly contain my excitement when I went to youtube and could actually play a video. Sony has made no attempts at fixing this save giving the psp flash player 1, which is outdated on the internet and other that that I do no know what it could be used for.

  8. djp writes:

    opera for the psp would be a great thing!the standand browser don't support specific wml pages and as far as i know,there is no alternative browsers on the psp.

  9. Anonymous writes:

    Yes opera would be great i have a psp but the sony browser sucks you run very fast out of memory and some pages won t loadsome times it takes minutes to load a page.

  10. Anonymous writes:Instead of using system RAM to load the webpage they should give you the option to choose either System RAM or the Memory Stick… I mean come on… Most people have at least a 1 GB memory stick, I myself have a 2 GB. This alone would improve the browser 10 fold; making it a heck of a great deal more usable. Plus it would increase the character limit on typing which I have to say is a HUGE pain. It's load times are inconsistant for no obvious reason. I've tested this by sitting just 3 feet from my wireless router and going to google; which is a VERY simple start page. Then shutting the PSP off and leaving it for a while and doing it again. It ranges from 4 seconds to almost a minute at times. Plus the wifi in it is odd… at a 50% signal I'll be damned if the thing will grab an IP sometimes… but that's another story. Switching between tabs is a nightmare… it opens tabs you don't know are running… closing the browser doesn't actually CLOSE the browser… they could have done a WAY better job on that thing… but it does suffice in a pinch

  11. :lol:Relying on hardware most people don't own to make it work properly is an extremely bad solution :down:

  12. Clockwork writes:

    >Relying on hardware most people don't own to make it work properly is >an extremely bad solutionWhat, you mean the memory stick?Well, he did say make it an -option- to use the RAM or the memory stick. The PSP's Ram is impressive for its size. Let's be honest, though, it's a bit of a joke. Opera is a great internet browser, so I'd like to see Sony take up Opera on the offer of making it for the PSP.

  13. Anonymous writes:That won't work, the PSP lacks an MMU, which means virtual memory is not an option. You are limited to the RAM Sony put in it.

  14. Anonymous writes:And let's not forget a good virtual keyboard, because PSP's own virtual keyboard sucks.

  15. Anonymous writes:Please do it! PSP is crying out to have a Opera Mini like browser. Opera ruleeeeeeeeeez.

  16. Anonymous writes:

    Lets be honest, since 3 years that this article seen daylight nothing really happened… It's true, that sony browser sux as hell, quickly running out of memory, having only 3 tabs (sic!) and shitty loading times, but hey, does any one in sony care about it? I think no… and this also is a pain in the ass… :(But despite those 3 years of waiting with no response it would be great if opera actually go for psp, i mean if the browser developed would be capable of what recent browsers are.

  17. Rickard writes:I also think that the PSP is in desperate need of a better browser and virtual keyboard, the current one offers a very painful experience

  18. Let me put it this way: If you are dealing witha nything but text, the browser sucks, mainly because of "out of memory" issues. Thankfully, it seems to register as "cellphone" when it comes to servers, thus saving itself on sites with mobile versions. Anything else, mind you, it still jams up-and don't get me started on the cursor lag.

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