Xmas party brutality!

The Christmas party this year was supposed to be a pleasant experience, but what do you know – Olli showed up after all! Seeing as he was a bit intoxicated I thought this would be a good time to confront him about his abusive attitude towards me.

I tried to stand up for myself. I really did! But this guy is HUGE! I really thought I could kick his ass, but unfortunately I ended up beaten and bruised.

He knows every trick in the book, and he used them too! But I bravely picked myself off of the bloodied floor and proceeded with my partying once he finally passed out drunk on the toilet.


7 thoughts on “Xmas party brutality!

  1. Beaten-down by the Olli-zilla! And in public, nonetheless. :)Looks like you owe him a new shirt, you bleeder 😉

  2. So you missed out on about 4 minutes of the party?Hey, you could have made yourself look a lot better if you'd photoshopped the photo a bit….

  3. Haarvard next time Just call me… Ill take care of your light work for ya …PS Olli may Be big Grins…. im loaded with little rabbit like fists that can cut into any mans Guts …Also Maybe you should wait till he passes out and put a Depends or adult Diaper on him and take many pictures .. I did that once to a guy that lied about me … HEHEHEBy the way great Photoshop…Justaposition "female terrorist of Bullys"

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