Nintendo goes to the Opera

Yesterday's announcement about Nintendo choosing Opera as a DS browser was really exciting news to me, since I've always been a Nintendo fan. My first gaming console was the NES, and while I mostly play PC games these days (if at all), I've certainly kept an eye on Nintendo and hoped that they would regain some of the ground they've lost in the home console market (like Opera, they are doing very well indeed in the portable market).

With the handheld Nintendo DS outselling the Sony PSP, and the next-gen Revolution console really stirring up some buzz and excitement among even PlayStation and Xbox fans, it looks like Nintendo's choice to stick with innovation rather than join the "upgrade war" is finally starting to pay off. I was worried about Nintendo carving its own path until the new Revolution controller was announced. My worries turned to excitement, and the low price point of the upcoming Revolution seems to make it a "must have" for any gamer.

And now Nintendo has chosen Opera for the DS. Perhaps Nintendo recognized another innovator in a market dominated by imitators.

We've certainly going to have to deliver the goods now, especially considering the lukewarm reception of the Sony PSP browser. But our engineers know what they are doing. This is going to be good!

While Opera will be sold separately rather than being built in, this does mean that Nintendo will actually help promoting Opera. It looks like they won't be hiding the fact that it's using Opera (unlike the PSP with its browser), and this will allow us to reach a wider audience. Considering the success the DS has had in reaching outside of the traditional gaming market and reaching "normal" people, this kind of recognition can only be a good thing for Opera.

As a side note, I've noticed that multiplayer DS games are a hit here at Opera, with lots of Opera people gathering around the table to battle it out in games like Mario Kart DS. This was the case even before people knew that we were partnering up with Nintendo, so there must be something about the DS which appeals to a lot of people!


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