State of the Opera

Today, we announced our financial results for the fourth quarter of 2005. As the numbers clearly show, Opera is still growing rapidly, both in terms of income, and of course expenses because we are hiring a lot of new people. (Now that I mention it, we need more people to help Opera grow even further!)

The Q4 webcast available from our Investor Relations page is an interesting watch if you want more details on everything from desktop browsers to the new Nintendo DS browser from Opera, and to Opera in the skies.

For those who are still worrying about our commitment to the desktop version of Opera, I would like to repeat that the desktop version is very important to us, and in Q4 we even saw a slight increase in revenues from the desktop again. This is definitely a good sign, and if you read my post about how releasing Opera for desktop for free is actually a good thing financially, you will see that this could be the start of a trend of growth in desktop revenues. The free version of Opera has proven to be very popular, and indeed, Opera 9.0 was downloaded several hundred thousand times in the first few days even though it was only a preview! Again, watch the webcast for details.

To sum up, things are looking bright as usual, and Opera Software is still growing rapidly. Be on the lookout for some very interesting announcements in the various markets this year.


7 thoughts on “State of the Opera

  1. If you want a job, check out the jobs page! It'll list what we need, and what is required from the applicants.

  2. I would really like to work at Opera Software. Maybe some position related to web-dev (JS, HTML, PHP etc. Also Microsoft technologies), but I don't have grade. What to do? Is there any options for me? I have great experience (:

  3. If you want a job, check out the jobs page! It'll list what we need, and what is required from the applicants.

    I don't think I'll ever be able to fit into any of those profiles 🙂

  4. i just want to thank you for your farseeing wisdom in offering opera for free. for one thing, i wouldn't have discovered opera if it weren't free and i love opera.someday when i am rich and famous i will donate an enormous amount just to prove you least i have a link to opera on my front page… that helps. doesn't it?i'm not kidding… i live on moldy food and hard isn't everything as long as you spend what you do have wisely, opera will not get top heavy.if things get really desperate i'll gladly donate a painting for an opera auction to raise money. ask and ye shall receive.

  5. What I'd also like to hear about is Opera Mini, how many downloads and perhaps some traffic statistics from the transcoder servers, etc.

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