Just got back from TG…

I just returned from The Gathering, where I spent the day at our stand and helped out a bit. It's been nearly ten years since I last visited TG, and back then I stayed for throughout the event, and of course had to pay to get in. This year, Opera was a TG sponsor, so I got in for free.

I didn't just sit around in front of a computer, though. Most of my time was spent walking around and talking to people who visited our stand. I don't know if it was Opera, widgets, or the grand prize (a $6000 PC, including a 20" monitor) for our widgets competition that attracted people's attention, but people did seem to be interested in what we had to say 🙂

Hopefully the widgets competition will result in a lot of cool new widgets. There are lots of talented people at TG (which is also why we're doing some recruitment activities there), so I am sure that we'll see some interesting ones.

Just remember that the competition is open to everyone else too! Maybe you will be running off with the prize instead of one of the people at TG!