Microsoft loves the Wii?

Interesting story I read over at digg (also covered on Slashdot):

Apparently, Microsoft's message to gamers is "get an Xbox360 and a Wii for the price of a PS3". And Microsoft's Peter Moore continues:

"People will always gravitate toward a competitively priced product — like what I believe Wii will be — with innovative new designs and great intellectual property like Mario, Zelda and Metroid," Moore told Reuters.

It certainly looks like the Wii is going to do rather well, and will end up in a lot of homes – which includes Opera of course. Was Iwata just being modest when he said that they could sell 40-60 million units?

I know I'm excited about a console for the first time in many years.


3 thoughts on “Microsoft loves the Wii?

  1. Second the motion. I'll be getting one. I miss Mario and Link and look forward to renewing our relationships. S.

  2. It's a smart move by Microsoft. They took advantage of the heavy price on the PS3 and the fact that Wii is very different from XBox360 and PS3. It is actually the same that Nintendo has said all along. That it will not be Wii or one of the others, but Wii and another console for many people. And Microsoft has a strong position as they are cheaper than PS3.

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