Opera doesn’t pass Acid2?

It looks like someone has decided to question whether Opera actually passes the Acid2 test.

The answer is still: Yes, Opera does pass Acid2.

I don't know what the reports WaSP received about Opera and Acid2 contain, but the reports I have seen in the forums and desktop team blogs have all been based on misunderstandings, such as people scrolling or zooming the page.

Now, some vocal people have gone as far as publicly accusing us of dishonesty because of these misunderstandings. I think they should take the time to read the Acid2 page on what it actually tests. Some of the comments in the blog post at webstandards.org will also help to clear up the confusion.

If it had turned out that Opera didn't pass Acid2 after all, we would be the first to acknowledge the problem (and fix it). But people jumping to conclusions based on misunderstandings doesn't help anyone.


9 thoughts on “Opera doesn’t pass Acid2?

  1. Just curious what the purpose of the Molly's post… :confused:BTW, on that WebStandard page collapsing of sections doesn't work in Opera 9.0 build 8501 and Opera 9.01 build 8518.Opera 8.54 works as intendent.Will post bug report…Update: hmmm… after couple refreshing of page in Opera 9.01 build 8518 is start working… strange…

  2. I guess she wants people to report back with their problems so they can be investigated. Unfortunately, she didn't list any of the problems people had mentioned to her already…

  3. I am using v9.01 Build 8518.The image looks fine, but the problem is that it is scrollable. If i scroll using my mouse wheel, some portion remain back while the rest scrols normally.This is what I mean :http://img128.imageshack.us/img128/2047/opera5vu.gifOtherwise everything looks fine.But Andrew Gregory mentioned that scrolling isnt a part of the test, so I thin it is fine.

  4. Some parts of the test (top of the head) use fixed positioning, which means those parts should not move when you scroll. Opera behaves correctly.But scrolling isn't part of the test anyway, so it does not matter.

  5. Daedalus is correct. It is an interesting question though, whether scrolling should be allowed in this case – even though it is not part of the pass criteria. Also discussed at the end of Tarquins's page on Acid 2, linked in Haavards post.If I read the comments on Molly's post correctly, Konqueror seems to think that you can use CSS to disable scrolling completely. I can't verify that, but it would mean the page author fully controls what you get to see.Opera and Firefox hide the scrollbar, but still allow moving the page up and down with the arrow keys (and yes, it is to be expected that the smiley falls apart then). Opera also allows the scrollwheel to scroll the page, Firefox doesn't. Well, that is, with the pathetic excuse for 'scrollwheel' I can emulate with the touchpad on this laptop (with a real mouse driver, this might work out differently for Firefox).iCab and Konqueror initially didn't remove the scrollbar, and the iCab programmers hesitated to add this 'feature' after Tarquin made them read the actual stylesheet. It is indeed debatable whether hiding a scrolling mechanism is something a browser should support. Or if it makes sense to hide the scrollbar but still allow arrow keys to work. MSIE also doesn't seem to allow arrow keys in this case. OTOH, removing functionality just to prevent confusion for some people studying a single test case is not a good idea. Let's wait what use 'overflow:none' on the HTML element gets in real webpages, and then decide what the best behavior is.

  6. Firefox's way of disabling the scrollwheel, but still allowing the arrow keys and panning is kinda strange. I can't figure out why they would only disable one way of scrolling instead of all or none of them, it just seems odd and illogical to me.I can sorta understand the decision to remove all scrolling (IE almost removes all of it, panning is the only allowed way to scroll), it is at least consistent, though I don't think web pages should have that much control over browser functionality.

  7. Indyan, if you read the official Acid2 guide, you will see that it is indeed supposed to be scrollable, and that Opera's behaviour is as expected (as described in the guide).

  8. Where does it state that it shouldn't scroll?From the official guide:

    If the Acid2 page is scrolled, the scalp will stay fixed in place, becoming unstuck from the rest of the face, which will scroll.

    Please read the above comments, as this has already been discussed.

  9. In my system with Build 387 Acid 2 Test is not correct. In the Builds before I had no problems. The only remarkable thing is I have changed to SUSE 10.1

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