Opera is the Wii Internet Channel

While it has been know for a while that Opera would be the Wii browser, it is nice to see that Nintendo is pushing the "Internet Channel", which is basically just Opera. If you still haven't had enough, Nintendo recently updated the official Wii site with a short video showing off the magnificent Internet Channel AKA the Opera browser πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Opera is the Wii Internet Channel

  1. Wii will be a great thing for Opera. Soon developers will have to take testing for Opera compatibility seriously because of the Wii market, which will almost certainly not be wee. πŸ˜‰

  2. Good job in getting Opera into the living room. Can you please make available technical specifications and design guidelines for the capabilities of the Opera browser on the Wii? I would like to explore developing content for the Wii but it is hard to do without knowing what the exact capabilities are…

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