Nintendo DS Lite as TIME gadget of the year?

Nintendo seems to be going from win to win lately, and that is of course nice, because they happen to use Opera as a browser 🙂

There's a poll at where you can vote for "gadget of the year", and Nintendo DS Lite is in the lead! However, MacBook Pro from Apple seems to be closing the gap, as the DS was ahead by more a while ago.

It will be interesting to see if the DS can manage to stay ahead. I have already cast my vote to make my voice heard 🙂

Update: So Apple featured this thing on their Hot News page (and MacDailyNews does their part too), and currently Macbook is in the lead:

One has to wonder if Macbook is really a gadget, though 🙂


3 thoughts on “Nintendo DS Lite as TIME gadget of the year?

  1. I tried to go with Netscape 4 (don't ask why 😀 ) to this page and on the very bottom of it got:

    To view on a mobile device, download the following browser to your phone or PDA: Opera Mini

    Nice! :up:

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