Will the Wii browser be usable on normal television screens?

Wii was launched in the US today, and a lot of people seem to be interested in the browser, which according to Nintendo, will be available "soon".

The question on a lot of people's minds seems to be: Will the Wii browser be usable on normal TV screens? Won't the lack of HD (High Definition) be a problem, since most sites are designed with higher resolutions in mind?

While I am not involved in the Wii project myself, I think I can put people's minds at ease. The fact is that the Opera browser has built-in technology which adapts sites to different screen sizes, from mobile phones to high definition displays like PC monitors. This technology is obviously cross-platform, so any device running Opera should be able to use it.

The technology is called ERA (Extensible Rendering Architecture[/url]):

Opera's Extensible Rendering Architecture (ERA) is a flexible technology that can make Web pages fit on a full range of displays, without the need for horizontal scrolling. This makes it possible for pages to be viewed on small computer screens, televisions, PDAs, mobile phones, and even printed, without the need for customized pages, or specialized stylesheets.

We have been doing browsers for a lot of different screen sizes through the years, and products using Opera will benefit from our experience with adapting websites to any display on a wide variety of devices.

(You can even try out some of this for yourself by enabling "Fit to width" from the "View" menu in the desktop version of Opera. When enabled, Opera will automatically reformat pages to fit the window size.)


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