New details on the Wii browser

In a press release today, Nintendo released more details on the Wii browser. Some highlights:

  • A (free) beta will be available on December 22
  • The final version should be available at the end of March 2007
  • The browser can be downloaded for free through the end of June 2007
  • After June 2007, the price will be 500 Wii Points (about $5)
  • It supports Flash, zooming, etc.

I managed to get a Wii on launch day in Europe by going to a local store around 5-6am in the morning and queuing until the staff came along at 7am and handed out a note saying that I could come and pick it up when the store opened at 10. Today, the Weather Channel was ready when I got up in the morning, and on Friday I will be able to install Opera on Wii and surf from my couch 🙂

Remember to spread the word about the browser, so that people get to download it before it starts costing money! Then again, $5 is something most people can afford, and I'm glad that Nintendo decided on a very reasonable price.

I'm looking forward to reading people's feedback on the browser. Remember to drop by our Opera for Wii forum! I'll be monitoring it closely when the beta is released 🙂

Edit: Here's our take on the release. Heh 🙂


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