Nintendo’s News Channel developers on News Channel vs. Internet Channel

Before the Wii News Channel was released, I found myself wondering what the point was, seeing as I had a full browser on my Wii to read up on the latest news with.

It seems that the people working at Nintendo to develop the News Channel had similar concerns:

Suzuki: Around the same time, a different team was working on the development of the Internet Channel. So that brought up concerns of how it may be enough for the users to just use the Internet Channel to check their news…

Kawamoto: On top of that, when I heard that the Internet Channel can be downloaded to Wii for free until June of 2007, my mind went blank! (laughs) During the initial stages of development, there was a time where we were a little lost; we weren't able to find what was to be the trademark feature of the News Channel.

However, as you can read over at, and as you can see from the way the News Channel turned out, they really did seem to manage to add some value that makes it worthwile, even with a full Web browser available. While the browser allows you to freely look up the latest news, the News Channel has a unique feel and gives you a streamlined news experience, and I must admit that the globe thing is pretty cool 🙂

Head over to to read more inside information on the News Channel, straight from the developers themselves.