Vietnamese forum moderators needed

A new language/country is about to join the other official language specific forums: Vietnamese. However, we need someone to help us out with moderating the new forums.

The criteria for now is that you speak both English and Vietnamese, and you should be somewhat familiar with this site. We will need at least one or two people who know a bit about Opera too, although there will also be general purpose forums there where knowledge about Opera is not a must.

Anyway, if you think you may be able to help or know anyone who does, let us know!


6 thoughts on “Vietnamese forum moderators needed

  1. This will be a much needed addition to Opera Community. I've seen a lot of activity in Vietnamese blogs lately.I hope you'll find someone fit for the task.

  2. Thank you! (it's seem I said "thank you" too much but I feel it's not enough :p). Although my experience about Opera is not much but I can learn. And I have my friends around me. I believe we could do that.

  3. Thank Haavard, don't have only is my but all the community is use Vietnamese on the Opera there will must thank you! Thank you very much

  4. Dear Haavard, please remove items : Blog and Archive, add item Photo in the main menu of Vietnamese forum . By the way, what do you think about the list moderator I gave you?Thank you

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