We can see you!

When you upload photos with Opera Mini, they end up right in the reception area of our Oslo office:

Yes, we are watching you! :right:


7 thoughts on “We can see you!

  1. Copy right teft!! No seriously, thats really cool. Do you have an extra long cable up to Nydalen too?- ØØ –

  2. New contest: Send in your weirdest pictures to Opera over Opera Mini. The people to get the weirdest stares, laughs, and awkward silence get prizes.

  3. Anonymous writes::hi:I was just thinking:monkey:. What if someonw was uploading wierd pictures?:alien: Wouldn't they show up on your screen and everyone would be like, "Ewwwwww……:yuck:" It's not like I upload wierd stuff or anything:left::right:, as a matter of fact I don't even use Opera Mini, but if you think about it…..All I'm saying is……..ya. Any-whos! Bye:bye:

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