GameSpot: PlayStation 3 needs a better browser

There's no denying it: PlayStation 3 hasn't quite been the success that Sony might have hoped for, at least so far. Xbox 360 has a solid lead, and Wii is outselling both of its competitors despite not being as powerful in terms of graphics quality and processing power. While PlayStation 3 is apparently available on shelves all over the world, people are still having a hard time getting their eager hands on Nintendo's new Wonder Console.

One of GameSpot's "10 Things to Make the PlayStation 3 Worth Buying" is to "Fix Web Browsing":

Sony billed the PlayStation 3 as a gaming console that can do everything: "Music, Photos, Internet, Videos, and Movies." It's supposed to be the living-room media center. That might become a reality if Sony iterates more on its Internet and media applications. How is it that a machine as powerful as the PlayStation 3 can't manage to browse more than a few Web sites without crashing?

What's interesting is that people are already enjoying movies and music in their living rooms by using the Wii browser as a Media Center.

It's quite surprising that Sony apparently chose the same company that delivered the PSP browser to provide a browser for PlayStation 3. As I recall, Sony were not exactly enthusiastic about the PSP browser.

Sony… Are you listening? You know that you need a better browser. A smaller, faster browser with support for all sorts of Web technologies, including Ajax. Why settle for second best if you really want your system to be THE living-room media center? You've already decided to use Opera for mylo and other consumer electronics products. You are just one step away from getting the best browser for your new console too 🙂


13 thoughts on “GameSpot: PlayStation 3 needs a better browser

  1. Well Wii is already with Opera :p I like Wii 😀 it looks good and has games for all ages.

  2. I would gladly pay for Opera for PS3. The current web browser is really bad and I cannot run any of my applications on it.

  3. Anonymous writes:

    "I would gladly pay for Opera for PS3. The current web browser is really bad and I cannot run any of my applications on it." Me too. It would be great if opera would be available for the PS3.

  4. Anonymous writes:they should use firefox because its feally fast and its great for watching online videos

  5. Anonymous writes:They should not use Firefox because it's the slowest and most bloated browser (apart from IE), and it's the same as all other browsers when it comes to watching online videos, because all it does is to support the same video plugins as everyone else.

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