Survey: Opera users are most satisfied?

According to UK magazine Webuser, Net Applications has carried out a survey which shows that Opera users are the most satisfied with their browser. Calling Opera "one of the internet's best-kept secrets", Webuser writes:

A survey carried out by NetApplications and SurveyWare found that Mozilla's Firefox is the considered the best browser software available. However, given its small user base, Opera seems to have the most satisfied customers.

"When the browser share is factored into the best browser voting, the analysis is even more revealing. The results imply that Opera has the most satisfied user base, followed by Firefox and [Apple's] Safari," according to NetApplications.

I don't know how this survey was carried out and how big the sample was, but If it is indeed true that Opera users are generally happier with their browser than other browser users, then that is great news.


3 thoughts on “Survey: Opera users are most satisfied?

  1. I think that's mostly because people that choose Opera choose it for a specific reason and because it does what they want. People that use Firefox are people that saw a link somewhere, downloaded it and just thought that it's better than IE, which, imho, it isn't since IE7.

  2. Originally posted by UK magazine:

    "one of the internet's best-kept secrets"

    Very well said. Where are the PR people when you need them :p

  3. The thing is simple about me. Almost every function request was satisfied and almost every bug was fixed. Ain't that uber-kewl?

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