Wii browser out! But why Flash 7 and not 8 or 9?

Update 2009-09-01: A new version of the Internet Channel was released today, and it has Flash Lite 3.1 (basically Flash 9) support. It looks like Nintendo and Adobe finally heard your calls for an update!

The old text of this blog post was as follows:

So Opera for Wii/the Wii Browser/the Internet Channel is finally out (that's our community manager Espen in the pic, by the way).

Reviews look very good, and people are commenting on how fast it is and how smoothly it operates. (Remember that you can continue to give the development team feedback.)

However, there is one thing a lot of people seem to be asking about:

Why didn't we update the Flash plugin to a more recent version?

The answer is simple: there is no way to do so. It is out of both Opera and Nintendo's hands.

(Update: Even if Adobe was to license a newer version, Nintendo still makes all the decisions. It is up to Nintendo to decide what the Internet Channel supports (or doesn't).)

The latest version of the Flash SDK (Software Development Kit) offered by Adobe is version 7, so that's what anyone who is not a Windows, Linux or Mac PC have to settle with. To support Flash on a phone or device, you have to license the Flash SDK from Adobe, and as long as they do not provide a more recent version, there is nothing you can do.

If Adobe had offered a more recent version, no one would have been more thrilled than us. It would have made more sites work, and that would lead to less frustration to our users.


149 thoughts on “Wii browser out! But why Flash 7 and not 8 or 9?

  1. Conclusion writes:Nintendo is being a bitch right now because they see everyone complaining on how we want Adobe Flash Player 8 and or 9 on the Wii and they're not going to do anything about it because they're cheap and lousy. There are downloads to drag onto your Wii but they now blocked them and it will not work anymore.

  2. Danny writes:

    why doesnt nintendo just re-make a new internet channel that supports the same flash as a desktop computer…THEY ARE USELESS!!!(btw im on my wii…)=D

  3. Anonym writes:

    Nintendo doesn't make the Internet Channel. They pay Opera to make it the way Nintendo wants it.And this is NOT ABOUT THE CAPABILITIES OF THE CURRENT INTERNET CHANNEL.It's a question of whether Adobe will license Flash to Nintendo and Nintendo will license it from Adobe. That's it. There are NO TECHNICAL LIMITATIONS IN THE INTERNET CHANNEL ITSELF that would prevent an updated Flash version from working.It's all up to Adobe first and then Nintendo.

  4. Anonymous0 writes:With the Ogg Theora capabilities comes default in the next version of Opera, perhaps we'll see a swing away from Flash Player to more open formats. We need web technology that is not restricted by patents and licenses, just for the reasons in this article.

  5. Anonymous0 writes:

    …continuing from my comment above…Opera led the way to open formats, back in 1999-2000 when most websites required user having Internet Explorer browsers. I am confident they will lead the way toward open video formats, today.

  6. Anonymous2009 writes:

    I agree Wii's internet strategy sucks. I must say that for a company which in fact creates some good innovations that their inability to integrate a simple functional browser is amazing. This is not about maximizing costs based on packaging or time to market product releases. It’s all about good business sense which is governed by the laws of practicality. That said this is down right foolish if not childish management on the behalf of Nintendo. That said allow me to predict the futureAND SO IT WAS THAT MICROSOFT INCORPORATED THE MOTION CONTROL FEATURES WHICH WERE ONCE ONLY OFFERED BY NINTENDO WHILE CONTINUING TO PRODUCE AND MARKET TOP NOCH GAMES. AND THEN ONE DAY STIFLED BY THE MIGHT OF THE MICROSOFT’S XBOX PLATFORM AND THEIR MANY PARTNERSHIPS, NINTENDO WAS CRUSHED BY THE ONLY ONE TRUE TITANT. WE ALL WHO LOVE DIVERSITY AND COMPETITION MOURN THE LOST OF NENTENTO AND THEIR WII PLATFORM.How foolish when all Nintendo has to brag about are that their systems are sold out of stores. The last that I checked 2000 flush toilet bowl cleaner gets sold out at Walmart all of the time. That said when some one introduces a 4000 flush product at the same price point then no one will be interested in buy the 2000 flush toilet bowl cleaner.

  7. Anonymous2010 writes:@Anonymous2009: the browser is plenty functional. It's the Flash plugin licensed from Adobe by Nintendo which isn't.

  8. Anonymous2009 writes:

    Hug wash Anonymous2010,Are you trying to imply that the medium which ushered in organizations like Yahoo, Google, Amazon and EBay not to mentioned some of the other Internet Giants and transformed the way people communicate across the globe does not need to have fully operational interface. Are you saying that the medium which was the key contributor of wealth transfer in our lifetime should be handed to the Nintendo users community in a limped state, with a cane and a crutch. If that’s your argument, then you too my friend are just as foolish as the Executives at Nintendo. The Internet and full access to it is where the rubber hit’s the road. That said if the executives and Nintendo are not able to execute at the level of Microsoft when it comes to integrating the web into their console then they will be stamped out!

  9. Anonymous2010 writes:@Anonymous2009: I have no idea WTF you are talking about. I never said anything about "needs an optimal interface". I pointed out the fact that the browser itself works fine. It's Adobe's refusal to license a newer version of Flash to Nintendo that is the real problem.

  10. I must say that I have read through this entire blog, and all of this is thoroughly entertaining. I mean that comment about the "car with and engine that runs great, but the manufacturer refused to make wheels" was truly humorous. The only reason that I found this blog to begin with is because I actually purchased a Wii for my wife for Christmas… This is where my trouble began… I've had a PS3 for about a year and have become enormously frustrated with the fact that I can't watch full episodes of my favorite TV shows on it. I don't even know why I just assumed this functionality would be available on the Wii. Maybe I was still in awe of the game play functionality or just wowed that there was a system that was more fun to play than my PS3 or exhausted from the hours I spent trying to break my wife's record on the hula hoop game on the WiiFit(if you haven't played some of the WiiFit games you don't know what you're missing)… but I purchase Wii Points with the specific purpose of watching some TV shows on my TV, much to my surprise the Wii's Internet Channel had the same problem as my PS3…Then I spend hours reading this blog and others only to find out that the problem with my PS3 has now been fixed, and the the problem on the Wii hasn't and probably won't ever be fixed, and Nintendo, Adobe, and Opera are playing the blame game. If I'd paid more than $10 for the 1000 Wii Points to spend 500 on the Internet Channel, I'd be really pissed right now. Fortunately, I can watch my shows on my PS3 for the time being, and I probably won't need the Wii Internet Channel to work on those sites at the present moment, but certainly wouldn't mind that functionality in the future.Consumer responsibility does not end when you sell your product to someone else to resale. I'm sure Nintendo wouldn't allow Best Buy, Walmart, ToysRus and Target to sell Wiis without remotes and ac adapters. Last I checked, Nintendo wasn't selling the majority of it's products directly to the public, and their largest customers are actually the retailers who sale their products; that's who Nintendo gets checks from, not us. Opera, likewise, should not stand by idly and allow Nintendo to sell its consumers short while not offering a fully functional web-browsing experience…The whole "Nintendo and Adobe won't let us routine" is a tired and lame excuse for not doing what they should and delivering a quality product to "Opera consumers." Nintendo wouldn't allow a less than fully functional product to be delivered to its consumers, so why should Opera. The only people who stand to suffer any loss in market share with this deal is Opera. As far as I know, Wiis are still selling like hotcakes and Flash Video is the most widely used video format on the web. So, my question is this, was it worth it for Opera expose themselves to this sort bad press? Is the purpose of this whole blog damage control? Or to create enough leverage (consumer outrage) to force Nintendo to allow Opera to fix the mistake they never should have made to begin with and restore their good name?At the end of the day, Nintendo and Opera should and will eventually get to work on coming to terms with Adobe and developing what needs to be developed to improve the functionality of their JV (that's joint venture for those non-business people out there). While many people might think that Nintendo is at fault and not Opera, guess again. The simple fact that Opera allows the Internet Channel to be branded as "powered by Opera" indicates to the public that Opera stands behind the "partially functional" product that I'm certain that they developed "together" alongside Nintendo programmers. I'm sure the only hold up is trying to figure out how to limit the online capabilities, as previously stated, so that Nintendo can still make money on the games they develop versus people just using their system to play free or much less expensive games on the internet. For you other frustrated wii-owners, I wouldn't hold my breath on the update, but know that it's coming, probably a few months before Sony and Microsoft release motion-sensing controllers or new systems all together… maybe the PS4 and YBox 720…

  11. pissedoffwiiowner:What happens to the Internet Channel is out of Opera's hands. Nintendo is Opera's customer, and makes all decisions on what should or shouldn't be supported.I am not sure how much more plainly I can put this.You have surely read both the blog post and all the comments pointing this out to you. I am wondering why you choose to ignore it and simply repost claims that you should know are false by now. Care to explain why you choose to ignore the factual information in the blog post and other people's comments?(Also, this blog is my personal blog, and this blog post is just one out of several dozen blog posts, so not, this blog was not set up with the Internet Channel in mind.)

  12. What it comes down to is that we want a way to watch all the TV shows that are available online through our Wiis. And we are a small step from being able to do that. Buying cable TV is just BS and I won't do it…EVERYONE who reads this and agrees: PLEASE CONTACT NINTENDO! http://www.nintendo.com/consumer/webform.jsp We need to push them to have Opera upgrade the software.

  13. Opera doesn't need to be "pushed". Nintendo already has a business relationship with Opera, so all that's needed is for Nintendo to decide that it's time for an upgrade.

  14. Nintendo sucks…I think we shud sue Nintendo…We paid for the channel assuming we will be able to use it..and we can not…

  15. This is a child's play toy. It is quite impressive however, compared to the play things I had when I was a child. Given the simplicity of the resolution, this feature is obviously being omitted by design. As for the $5, I wish I had a nickel for every other cheap Japanese or Chinese novelty that has fallen well short of my child-like expectations.

  16. Well, the PS3 supports the most recent version of flash. Yep, you can get Hulu through it and can dump your cable. If Nintendo doesn't get with the program, guess where their business is going to go? It's a shame because they made such a rallying come back with the Wii. Too bad the hardware development guy who made the numchuck controls isn't in charge of software. All that creativity will be toast and Nintendo will be back in third because some software developer somewhere has just arbitrarily decided to say, "no". Oh well.

  17. Anonymous writes:These anonymous writers are idiots. After looking at the first few comments I could see that, between grammatical errors and an impressive case of illiteracy (seeing as they couldn't read the article)it became quite obvious that they were morons. Whether this blog is correct or not, it is clearly stated that it is Adobe's fault and not Nintendo's. If you want to rant than these posters should go over to the Adobe website and ask them to update their Wii compatibility. I am just as upset as all of you because I can't watch Hulu videos, but come on people, you need to be more cooperative. Nintendo, Opera, and Adobe probably have bigger issues than the compatibility of the Wii's internet browser.

  18. David28 writes:

    I rarely purchase anything without research but for 5 bucks I didn't care to research, learned my lesson. I also downloaded the Opera browser for my Wii in hopes of watching TV shows on Hulu, and Youtube plus some streaming video on my favorite sports pages but I can't. The computer I have access to most often is not capable of smooth video streaming so my Wii was my big hope, and what a let down. I pray for Flash 9 on my Wii, and to the people saying it won't happen because of porn are not thinking about the parental settings. If Nintendo was even concerned about that they could not get in any legal trouble because it would be the lack of responsibility by the parents and guardians for not using the parental settings.One more quick thing, why is the text on the sites so damn small? I have had the Wii hooked up to a 20" and 52" hd screen and the text is tiny on both. Even with glasses that give me 20 20 vision I have to squint on most sites, and it can cause severe headaches.

  19. Anonymous writes:There are over way 2 million wii sold in the U.S. alone. Most if not all have the wii browser on them by now. You say it not you problem but your name is on the browser as well as Nintendo it make you and them look bad. You should be lighting a fire under Nintendo to let you fix and update. If the mass petition did not work. It is time to get the lawyer in on it. Ask Microsoft 360 user how much they like it when the petition they sent for the red button of death went unanswered. They got the lawyer in on it. They got results fast.

  20. Anonymous writes:

    "You should be lighting a fire under Nintendo to let you fix and update."You are an idiot.How do you know what Opera is or isn't doing?What makes you think Adobe would actually allow Nintendo to license it?Stop whining to Opera, you moron. Are all Nintendo console owners this retarded?

  21. Anonymous writes:

    Opera made the brower not adobe so why do they have to fix it. you may want to say on the wii shoping channel befor u buy the browser some where that it dose not support most kinds of online video or mp3. i bet alot of poeple would not get there wii points ripped off that way. YOUR BROWSER SUCKS!!!! I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING BY OPERA AGAIN.

  22. Anonymous writes:

    I am a kid who is 7 year old sorry if my grammer is bad. from the poster "By anonymous user, # 18. May 2009, 07:56:39"but i am right. i never seen adobe name on there just opera and wii. so why should adobe have to fix it if they did not make it.

  23. Anonymous writes:

    "I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING BY OPERA AGAIN."You didn't buy it from Opera, you idiot. You bought it from Nintendo.

  24. Anonymous writes:

    Opera made the browser. Opera did not make Flash.Flash is a plugin, not a part of the browser.Flash is made by Adobe.In order to use the Flash plugin, Nintendo will have to license it from Adobe (Adobe will have to allow them to use it).Nintendo owns all rights for the Wii. Adobe owns all rights for Flash.There is nothing Opera can do here. It's up to Nintendo to ask Adobe to allow them to use Flash, and up to Adobe to allow Nintendo to use it.

  25. Shadi writes:

    I found this blog searching for 'how to get flash 9 on a Wii'and I found it very very amusing.>Anonymous writes:>"You should be lighting a fire under Nintendo to let you fix and update.">You are an idiot.>How do you know what Opera is or isn't doing?For all of those "How do you know what Opera is or isn't doing?"Don't defend something you don't know the answer to either… (pointless)If you think Opera is doing something why don't they show their costumers (and when I say costumers I mean the people that purchased the internet channel that says OPERA on it) their efforts? Haavard? -Do you know?I have a couple more questions:Well its obvious that PS3 has higher flash capabilities but why exactly is this if everyone is fighting about legal restrictions? (I read something about a Linux plug in earlier (I think) – is that why?)I know its all Nintendo's fault on this matter, but I personally believe OPERA should set a standard on all its products used and sold. That would be: ALL CAPABILITIES POSSIBLE 🙂 -like OPERA's current 'computer' browser.Anyone agree?

  26. geez writes:"If you think Opera is doing something why don't they show their costumers"Show what? Considering Nintendo's heavy-handed censorship of ordering Opera to completely even technical details about the Internet Channel from their site, do you really think Nintendo would allow Opera to talk openly about what's being done for the Internet Channel?Get real.Everyone knows that Nintendo requires 100% secrecy and information control from companies they work with. Why would Opera be an exception?"I know its all Nintendo's fault on this matter, but I personally believe OPERA should set a standard on all its products used and sold."Opera can't set the standard when Nintendo makes all decisions regarding their own Internet Channel.Stop asking Opera to do stuff. It's ALL UP TO NINTENDO, FFS. That much is clear by now.

  27. Anonymous writes:for those who know nothing about the wii, like myself a couple of weeks ago. it should be nintendo's responsibilty to let people know what you can and can't do on the internet channel before you pay 10 damn dollars for it. that's where they make their money. i personally do not like the wii. there are too many acessories that you need for things that aren't even as good as you thought they would be. it's certainly not worth as much as i paid for it. i know there are limits to what they can do for the wii console, but i think you should let people know that before they pay what they pay for the damn things because it's shredding peoples hopes of what they think the wii can bring to the tabel. i am not complaining about the wii. i am complaining about what they don't let you know.

  28. Anonymous writes:this is bullshit, as are your excuses. if you feel it is"out of your hands" than you and opera are not a satisfactory internet option for the wii. and yes we should be refunded our money. this post will be followed by havaard crying "its not our fault, its nintendo's!" way to help the problem buddy, real productive…

  29. heh writes:"this is bullshit, as are your excuses"The only bullshit here is your uneducated drivel.It IS out of Opera's hands. If you knew anything about Nintendo, you would have known that they always have 100% control over things.And besides, it's up to Adobe to license Flash to Nintendo in the first place!You can keep being a moron and claiming that it's Opera's fault when it isn't, but you will just continue to be a moron.Why do inbred rednecks like you always willfully ignore facts?

  30. heh writes:There obviously will not be any updates unless Adobe allows Nintendo to license it, and Nintendo adds the new plugin to the Wii.

  31. Anonymous writes:hey bob its been 2 years do you have flash 8 or 9 now …WHAT!!!!! no update aww shucks..6 YEARS LATERhow about now …its too late for them to update now cause we dont play wii anymore…

  32. lulz writes:@Pile0g00Opera is a free download for all other platforms.Blame Nintendo for charging for the Internet Channel, and blame Nintendo for not updating the Flash plugin. It's got nothing to do with Opera.You would have known that if you had bothered to read the blog before making a retard out of yourself. Flash is out of Opera's hands, basically, you moron.

  33. Pile0g00 writes:Never had opera before, but I was told that it was good. Never again will I buy an opera product. Way to sell out opera.

  34. Anonymous writes:It is both adobe and nintendo's fault: Adobe for not licensing the newest flash to nintendo and nintendo's fault for not asking adobe. The problem is that the Wii's tech is mainly centered on it's wireless gameplay and not on it's flash and graphic capabilities, for example The Conduit. Yes it looks great but it can actually be compared to the visuals of older games. Do not get me wrong, I enjoyed this game, but the only thing the Wii enhances about its games is it's controls and gameplay. I love the Wii but it doesn't pack a that big of a punch. A refund would be nice but all big companies really care about is money. My computer crashed (it was a great computer, A windows XP 2005) and all I have is the internet channel on my Wii (I connected my Wii Lan to my comcast modem). A flash update would be great but it will probably never come.

  35. Anonymous writes:So how is it the Wii plays Youtube videos? Aren't they in Flash format? Youtube videos seem to play just about anywhere.iPhone, PC,Mac, Wii, etc. with no additional downloading of plugins.

  36. ripped off writes:i bought the nintendo thinking i would be able to browse the internet….i feel well ripped off by nintendo.are there any sights that put out video using flash 7?that would be some kind of solution for me.

  37. haavard sorry mate but they still have not solved it.. typical of the idiots over at adobe and nintendogo to watch-movies-links.net, all movies there play using flash players.. NONE work, go to movie25.com again all flash players none work there through wiiI mean how stupid are they? They do an update and update it to an old version.. whoppppeee doo.. Someone needs firing over at nintendo, wii, opera and adobe as they have no clue what they are doing

  38. Hello, just got back from playing my wii console about a year ago (This was in 2009/2010 btw). During that time once I started up again, I noticed the wii internet channel available as a free download. Another year or so later (2011) I heard from this discussion that a new update was made called flash lite 3 from Havaard. If this is the case, why is the page for this link not found? Is the url source not typed in correctly or is this update nonexsistent as of yet. Please check with this *new* update, as I eagerly await a timely response concerning this issue. Thank you and good luck!

  39. Originally posted by babypiki:

    If this is the case, why is the page for this link not found?

    What page? What link? You are not making sense.

  40. "The latest version of the Flash SDK (Software Development Kit) offered by Adobe is version 7,"And yet Playstation supports the new ones, the XBOX supports the new ones hell even the latest Android phones support it and yet we're to believe Opera can't get it for the Wii…………..I don't think so

  41. Originally posted by colej2000:

    And yet Playstation supports the new ones, the XBOX supports the new ones hell even the latest Android phones support it

    In case you didn't notice, this blog post is from 2007! That's five years ago!Pay attention willya!Also, it's still Nintendo's decision!

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