Try Opera with native Theora video support

A few weeks ago, you could read about how Opera wants native video playback in browsers. Now you can try it for yourself!

From Opera Labs:

At Opera, we have built an experimental version that has native support for Ogg Theora. For now, it is only available on Windows. NOTE! Do not choose to start Opera in the installation process. After installing, exit the installation process and start the the experimental build manually.

Please note that this experimental version with video is only available for Windows (at least for now).


13 thoughts on “Try Opera with native Theora video support

  1. Sweet, is it buildt on 9.20 source, or is that yet to come down the path? Will download it anyway when I get back home later on tonight. This is a BIG step in the right direction, I'm sure. – ØØ –

  2. Haavard, Nod32 give me a virus warning on this version, it indicates a possible malicious code: NewHeur_PE (virus) on msiexec.exe.It even disables the option to ignore the warning.Opera was able to finish the instalation, but when I try to acces a sample page, I get:Theora decoder not foundEdit: Oppps, too late on sending this message

  3. Originally posted by ResearchWizard:

    – there is a virus alert from NOD32 putting the Opera_video.ext to quarantaine (I manually moved it back) – Threat: NewHeur_PE virus (potential new virus). Probably NOD32's heuristic approach thought it's a virus.


  4. Thanks for this great link. I don't want to complain but just tell what happened during installation:- there is a virus alert from NOD32 putting the Opera_video.ext to quarantaine (I manually moved it back) – Threat: NewHeur_PE virus (potential new virus). Probably NOD32's heuristic approach thought it's a virus.- I choosed in the installer create desktop icon and left the other two options blank. Nevertheless a start menu entry and a quick launch button were generated (named Opera video)It started without flaws and I could play all videos linked at the bottom of Howcome's article at the same time (tiled). Amazing. Only the opacity video had some problems the first time and was still running (even better) when paused. After a while it worked normal, too.NoteMe:OperaAbout reveals Version 9.20 Beta Build 8713 – this implies it is an a bit older version than current 9.20 (Build 8771). The file name tells it is Op95-8762 which could give a hint that the next weeklies could be for 9.5.

  5. F-Secure Internet Security 2007 warns for Backdoor.Win32.Hupingon.cj (virus) when I install this experimental version. Additional info from F-Secure's website:

    (…) FSAV also had a false alarm on Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) video acceleration client driver Idisw2km.sys. (…)

    Update:After installing Opera and telling F-Secure to ignore it, I can't get it to run. I get an error (in Dutch) saying something like "Access to device, path or file denied. You may not have sufficient access rights."

  6. i see that the file is 7.8 Mb large. Does the video support add 3Mb of code or is it just not packed as good as the release?EDIT: works fine here. Very nice!! Are users supposed to give comments somewhere? E.g., something like a progress bar would be good to indicate that data is actually dripping in. The black screen alone is not very informative.

  7. @WildEnte:Originally posted by Haavard:

    One thing to keep in mind that adding native support for Theora in Opera would only add about 300K to Opera's overall size! And I am sure that could even be optimized to reduce it even further.

    I guess it is not packed as good as it will be in the end. But still, I think 300K sounds like a small number compared to what I would have guessed.

  8. I want to know more about it. Could you please give me some more informations or links about this feature? Thank you!

  9. Well considering the opera_video.exe is 2.7 mb, possibly opera_video.exe includes the rendering engine in itself too maybe.Test: rename opera.dll to opera2.dll and run opera_video.exe.Result: Opera_video.exe should run no problems. However opera.exe relies on opera.dll.Whats strange however, is how big opera.dll is compared to opera_video.exe yet it doesn't rely on opera.dll

  10. I have an older version of Norton installed (but the virus definition should be up to date). I did not get a virus warning at all. Not sure if that is good or bad, but I'll cross my fingers and move on.Everything worked like a charm on my WinXP SP2.PS: Noticed on the video with the pop up menu, that if you pressed pause, you got a layered pause screen on top of the video, that told me to press start to play again. I couldn't resist pressing pause, and while doing that, the video did start again, but the pause layer did not disappear. I guess you already know about that though.- ØØ –

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