Create link to view any site in Opera Mini

At, you can read about how to view any page in Opera Mini. What you do is to send the URL of a page to the Opera Mini demo, and it will open it directly.

To view this blog in Opera Mini, I would create a link like this:

Try it out here:

I just noticed this over at Opera Watch. I don't know how long this has been possible to do, so it might be old news to some of you.


5 thoughts on “Create link to view any site in Opera Mini

  1. It came with Opera Mini 3, as far as I remember (Nov '06?). At least that is when I have the first screenshots of it with my page. But it needs all the attention it can get. There is way too many pages out there that looks and feels horrible using it.- ØØ –

  2. Cool! Time to create a bookmarklet for this one!Assuming the comment form allows it, this seems to work:


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