Wii Internet Channel free for only a few more days

This is just a reminder that Opera for Wii (known as the Internet Channel) will only be available for free from the Wii Shop Channel until June 30. From July 1 and on, it will be 500 Wii Points (about $5). So if you know about anyone who hasn't downloaded the Internet Channel yet, let them know that they only have a few days left if they want to download it for free.



3 thoughts on “Wii Internet Channel free for only a few more days

  1. My real question right now is, what are Nintendo and Opera doing to work with Adobe on releasing a newer SDK? I've been searching the net for information on any progress in this department, without a great deal of success. Does anyone know if Adobe has any intention of releasing another SDK? The current one has been out for, what, four years? There have got to be other devices out there that need the newer SDK too, right?The outdated Flash support is a real disappointment. I know I'd be using the Internet Channel more to browse movie and TV-related sites to watch online content on my TV, if only those sites worked. I really feel like Nintendo missed a big opportunity with their limited online support in general.

  2. I'm afraid you'll have to ask Adobe about a more recent version of Flash for mobiles and devices. Wii is not the only device out there suffering because of this.

  3. I'm glad I found a Wii just in time! Though I would have paid $5 for the internet channel in any event.

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