Browser speed test shocker: Opera not slow after all!

Andrew Gregory has blogged about a performance test he came across which showed Opera as consistenly being the fastest browser of the ones being tested. Unfortunately, the text of the test focuses on Firefox, and manages to claim that "performance in other browsers drops significantly" for one of the tests, apparently forgetting about Opera.

Still, it's nice to see that Opera can hold its own against other browsers.


9 thoughts on “Browser speed test shocker: Opera not slow after all!

  1. One of PCs I currently use is quite old Celeron 400MHz with 256MB RAM. Only Opera works fine there! I think this is the best test for browsers. I remember working in Opera 7 on Pentium 100 MHz 32 MB RAM with multiple tabs. Was slow, but I could not use IE with more then one window and starting firefox was so long that I never tolerated to wait so long.

  2. Opera is the fastest browser on Windows, but Safari for Mac is still the fastest browser on any platform.

  3. i got that from a different survey, and my tests said the same thing. but those results are slightly different.

  4. Anonymous writes:

    I need specific features one of them is a lot of tabs another is a responsive interface. Firefox 2 didn't allow me to change tabs while loading a page. In fact the whole interface froze up when loading. Pressing a stop button that doesn't work some how made me furious. Fox 3 does respond to this but now I have to manually change the version number for broken extensions. Loosing all of my tools some how made me furious again. Opera has shit support for drag and drop. Chrome lacks all features.Ir really get hilarious where Maxthon is the only browser where the features make sense but it uses IE for rendering and adsense for search in stead of google.In conclusion: I hate all browsers.It's like star trek, everyone behaves as if they are on valium.For example reuse tab is such retarded feature.I absolutly fucking hate that.I have 80 tabs open on average but when I want to search I loose my current tab!I don't know about you but for me search = search It doesn't mean I want to kill my current tab. Out of all tabs it wants to kill my current tab? WHAAAT???Then this speed stuff is just hilarious. Every time computers or browsers get a tad faster people seem to make extra effort to bloat their pages with utter nonsense.The web standards don't allow for creative webdesing which is clearly indicated by Flash getting more bloated with each version.The internets frequently makes me scream and punch my head into the keyboard.The irony becomes even more stiking where Opera is really a cool Torrent client, a cool email client, a cool rss reader AND a cool IRC client.It some how fits all requirements for bloatware but it doesn't live up to my preconceaved arguments about bloatware.But when I drag text to the search box it just doesn't understand what I want. Some how using IRC I cant use the search engines….I look at the interface and I just cant think of a reason for not having a search box. And no address bar? hhahahaha….. irc://it…. it…. it's just another protocol? or not? Where is my address bar?Things like that make me feel helpless.I could write a long rant in each browser forum but I gave up on explaining obvious things 10 years ago. No one seemed interesting and my frustration is well beyond Troll level.I'm trying Chrominimum now. I hate every moment of it.Compared to opera it's like going from the cruse ship to the life boat. The support forum is like using smoke signals.It smurfing smurfs the smurfing smurf out of me.10 years ago google was crying wolf in court about Internet exploert and it wanted 100 millions for what M$ had done to it, and now they create a browser that isn't worth a penny. HAHAHAHAO how I suffer…..Thanks for creating this blog page for me to complaint about my pain…. hahahaha…..PSI'm sorry about the spelling, the spell checker will be here soon you will just have to wait. haaa hahaha ha ha h

  5. Anonymous writes:Chrome "owns" because they used Google's V8 test which was designed to run well in Chrome.

  6. Just want to say well done you guys…Just been trying Opera ver.10 Fantastic. My ps is an old 1.2Geg processor with 512meg ram. I have tried ver 9.6 but it always used to be glitchy. But I have to say it's brought new life to this old PC. Cant believe how much faster it is than IE. Well done……………….

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