It’s Mario Kart! Maaaaaaaaaaaaaario KART!

This has got nothing to do with Opera, but when I saw Infendo's E3 Caption Contest I thought I would do the obvious before the rush of probably near-identical submissions for the picture included in the announcement 🙂

At gaming expo E3 this year, Nintendo's Reggie announced Mario Kart Wii to a few cheers from the audience. But when he pulled out this little steering wheel… well, those of you who saw Sony's show at E3 last year will probably get this without any further explanation 🙂


2 thoughts on “It’s Mario Kart! Maaaaaaaaaaaaaario KART!

  1. The steering wheel pictured above looks… how shall I put this?… dinky, but it highlights one of the truly awesome things about the Wii: all the electronics to implement a steering-wheel-like device are all right there in the remote, so this dinky little plastic ring is completely replaceable. Someone who has the tools and the skills to carve a wooden steering wheel or mold a plastic/fibreglass one could produce a custom wheel that fits their hands comfortably. And car-modding enthusiasts could go the distance and bring their obsession into the living room!

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