Working conditions at Opera

Video: Working conditions at Opera

Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten has published an article on the noise from the piling work just across the street from our offices. The noise, caused by driving huge metal bars into the ground using vibration, is so loud that some of us have to wear hearing protection, as you can see in the video.

This has been going on for weeks now, and will continue for several weeks or months more. Repeated attempts to find a solution have failed, and even though the authorities have classified the noise as "extreme" and "far above acceptable levels", the company doing the construction was given permission to continue.

Our office manager has been working hard to solve this, but even though there are solutions for silent piling available, the company doing the piling does not appear to be ready to make use of them.

We are able to keep working on Opera, but as you probably understand by now, the working conditions aren't exactly ideal at present 🙂

Update 2007-08-17: Article in English


12 thoughts on “Working conditions at Opera

  1. The video doesn't work with my 9.22 on XP, either… but the audio seems fine.The noise really seems extreme, though… definitely not something I'd look forward to if I was to visit Opera HQs 😉

  2. Thanks AllixWould you know how I can get the xine plugin to work for Opera(just upgraded to 9.23, same result)you may send me your reply directly so that we don't clutter this post.Cheers!

  3. We had an office where the vacant lot next to us was having the same thing being done.It was unbelievable. For about 2 months there would be period where the noise was painful and the vibrations coming through our building scary…

  4. Hi Allix / lsaplaiI too would like to know how to get these media players to work in opera on ubuntu.

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