Microsoft files antitrust complaints against Google

It seems that Microsoft has filed antitrust complaints in both the US and the EU to block Google's acquisition of online ad company DoubleClick. While the acquisition was approved in the US, the EU has yet to come to a decision. …

Since I'm not really aware of all the details, I'll refrain from making a judgment on whether the complaint is valid or not. However, Microsoft's antitrust complaints are interesting in light of many discussions relating to Opera's antitrust complaint against Microsoft. Some people are apparently unaware that it is not only the EU which has laws regulating the market, but that the same applies to the US. Both have antitrust laws in place to prevent abuse. While some have made the case that any sort of market regulation is basically socialism, I don't think a lot of people would agree that the US is a socialist country.

Microsoft is also very good at portraying itself as victim, and its PR machinery has managed to make this message resonate with a lot of people who almost seem to have come to consider Microsoft to be a kind of a martyr of the free market due to the antitrust complaints against it. But when it all comes down to it, real competition in the market benefits us as users and customers. If applying antitrust laws is necessary to ensure competition, then so be it.

Now I'll be eagerly awaiting the first comments to ask about why Microsoft didn't "sue"[1] itself as well, since it, too, has made acquisitions in the online advertising market… 🙂

My initial thought about Microsoft's antitrust complaint against Google?

Takes one to know one.

I know, I know. Too obvious.

[1] Note that antitrust complaints are not lawsuits.