Video: Real-time Opera Mini usage across the globe

Norwegian IT publication published a story today on the Opera Mini servers. It gives you an interesting look at the Opera Mini server park. …

In the image gallery there is even a video there with a spinning globe showing real-time Opera Mini usage:

(Image credit:

If you scroll down past the picture of Jon, you can find the Flash video (direct link to video) which shows where Opera Mini is used across the globe. Pretty cool.

An interesting fact which is revealed in the article itself is that Opera Mini apparently makes up 10-20% of foreign traffic in Norway. And Opera Mini traffic increases by 20% monthly.

Hopefully it might be possible to ask for's permission to translate the article, as there quite a few interesting pieces of information there for hardcore geeks.


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  1. On Twitter, dstorey said that there is newer version of this Opera Mini Globe. Is there any screenshot that you may share? 😀

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