Yahoo! responds to Opera/Google mobile partnership

Yahoo! has responded to Google becoming the default search in Opera Mobile and Opera Mini:

"Yahoo! has elected not to continue its mobile search partnership with Opera at this time.

That Yahoo! claims that it was they who chose to end the partnership is interesting in light of Google's comments about how their mobile search revenue is "growing above expectations".

Still, it is nice to see that Yahoo! will keep supporting and working with Opera:

Consumers with Opera browsers will continue to have access to Yahoo! oneSearch, and as long-standing partners, Opera and Yahoo! will continue to work together.

Opera is definitely becoming a force to be reckoned with in the mobile market, and we are seeing a nice growth in our user base on the desktop as well.


3 thoughts on “Yahoo! responds to Opera/Google mobile partnership

  1. @suribe: I wouldn't bet on that. Maybe the mobile stuff, but the desktop stuff will probably stay the way it is now. Opera and Google have a long relationship, and never did that result in more support for Opera on Google's apps 😛

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