State of the Opera: Q4 2007

Today, Opera's financial results for the fourth quarter of 2007 were announced. For those of you who just want the bottom line, here it is: Opera financially healthy. It is profitable, with significant growth in all business areas, and continued (and even accelerated) growth is expected. The future is looking so bright the company might have to invest in shades for all of its employees. …

You can read up on the results for yourself by heading over to the financial reports page, where you can even watch a webcast of the presentation. For easily-digestible information take a look at the presentation. The actual report contains even more numbers.

Some highlights:

  • Opera Software is profitable, and profit margins are expected to increase
  • Overall revenue up 54% since Q4 2006
  • Desktop revenue up 50%
  • Devices/Mobile revenue up 54%
  • "Meaningful mobile search-related revenue in 2008" is expected (Google, anyone?)
  • Monthly desktop users passed 20 million in Q4 2007
  • Desktop growth of 55% since the start of 2007
  • 15.7 billion pages viewed through Opera Mini since launch
  • 39 million cumulative Opera Mini users as of January 31, 2008
  • The number of Opera Mini users on T-Mobile's network in Europe passed one million (web'n'walk)
  • My Opera had a 102% increase in registered users since Q4 2006
  • My Opera is "the hub of Opera’s cross-platform proposition"
  • Focus on local markets is key
  • "Opera Mobile 9.5 was the biggest hit of the show" at 3GSM/Mobile World Congress 2008. This includes more than 200 meetings with both existing and potential customers

So, about those shades… Is Ray Ban the best choice these days? I'm not really into the whole fashion thing.


4 thoughts on “State of the Opera: Q4 2007

  1. Nice to see that the good people keep winning 🙂 About the shades, an extra pair of curtains so the sun won't hit your monitor usually does the trick over here. At least with the kind of sun we have today :)First I just have to admit I didn't really read much of the rapport, just the code and of course looked at the pictures, and I must say it's cool you add pictures made my MyOpera members. Kudos to Oleg for a fantastic drawing.- ØØ –

  2. Opera's up +2.5% til now today, while the markets are sinking. Good!But still the future will be tough, high antagonism, lower profits. And I am still worrying about what the impact of Android will be.

  3. Why lower profits? Everything points in the other direction, which is why I'm in dire need of new shades 😀

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