Internet Explorer 8 to default to Standards Mode?

It looks like Microsoft has changed its mind regarding standards in IE8:

We've decided that IE8 will, by default, interpret web content in the most standards compliant way it can. This decision is a change from what we've posted previously.

This clearly shows how important it is to keep up the pressure on Microsoft to finally deliver on its promises.

Some may be wondering if this changes anything about Opera's antitrust complaint, but the bottom line is that the massive focus on open standards lately might be bearing fruit. If Microsoft does deliver a browser which is standards compliant by default, this is great news indeed! And at least now, we will have the EU keeping an eye on Microsoft, and giving it real incentive to follow up its promises for once.


7 thoughts on “Internet Explorer 8 to default to Standards Mode?

  1. Bravo for MS, but I really think this is just their convoluted means for keeping IE8 newsworthy within developer circles. They've done the right thing now, it's time to quit blogging about it.

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