Sexpelled: No Intercourse Allowed

Ben Stein has a point. For too long, alternative explanations have been suppressed by the scientific establishment.

(Link to video on YouTube)
Teach the controversy!

Hey, it's Friday after all…


8 thoughts on “Sexpelled: No Intercourse Allowed

  1. Hehe. Maybe you saw my post about Expelled the other day. I'm about to post a follow up that supposedly shreds Stein's arguments.

  2. I don't know if Ben Stein is completely dishonest or completely ignorant. I suspect a combination of both…

  3. Does anyone actually take Ray Comfort seriously these days? Claiming that Dawkins admitted to not being an atheist doesn't exactly instill confidence in his cognitive abilities.Wikipedia also has this interesting tidbit about how reliable his arguments are in general:

    One of his arguments for the existence of God is the comparison of a Coca-Cola can to the banana, noting what he perceives to be several similarities and proofs that the banana was intelligently designed (a perforated opening with a tab to open it up, for example). He then began using this banana argument (dubbing the fruit as "The Atheist's Nightmare") as a preaching tool, and it received considerable attention and ridicule after widespread distribution over the Internet where it was often noted that the modern banana is the result of generations of breeding by humans and bears little resemblance to the original fruit.


  4. By the way, I wonder why the Expelled producers didn't interview biologist Ken Miller. He testified for the plaintiff (evolution side) in the Kitzmiller v. Dover Intelligent Design trial. Ken Miller is a catholic and still accepts evolution.I foud this interesting interview with Mark Mathis, one of the Expelled producers. According to him:

    Ken Miller would have confused the film unnecessarily

    That's… rich :)He didn't fit the film's message that evolution equals atheism equals nazism, so he wasn't invited to the party…

  5. Anonymous writes:that video does not show up on your page – another story of youtube embeds not working in opera (beta2), do something with that, half pages over the internet show gray squares (and no, my flash version is ok) and that isnt cool

  6. Works fine here using b2 on WinXP. I see the gray squares you're talking about sometimes, but it is always fixed upon reloading the page.

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