PlayStation 3 and PSP need a better browser, part 2

A year ago, I posted about how GameSpot called out for a better Web browser on the PS3. Now CNET is echoing the request, and even mentioning Opera:

A lot of folks would like to see Sony move to an Opera-based browser, which runs on Linux (and the Wii uses). Whether that's the right solution or not, Sony can do better in the Web-surfing department. Heck, if the iPhone can have good Web browser, why can't the PS3 and the PSP have good ones?

The PS3 is a very powerful system which seems to be gathering some momentum after a slow start, so it's too bad that it is let down by the browser. With the processing power and available memory, Opera should run like a dream on the system. (Note that Flash is still basically out of Opera or Sony's hands, as Adobe runs the show. But Flash Lite 3 would surely work well on the PS3.)

Sony has used Opera for other products in the past, and Opera is even the default browser on UIQ, a platform used by phones from Sony Ericsson. Get in touch with us, Sony, and I'm sure we can work something out. You need a better browser, and you know where to get it 🙂


17 thoughts on “PlayStation 3 and PSP need a better browser, part 2

  1. Opera announced recently that Sony are using the 9.5 SDK for the Sony VGF-CP1 photo frame. It seems to be less of a browser and more of a way to show web content like RSS and online photo galleries though, by the description I've seen – a similar deal to Opera on the Sony Bravia.

  2. Anonymous writes:quit bitchin you nerds you all have no lives anyway a opera browser wont get you laid you fairys haha

  3. Fuseburner writes: If you get an error trying to log into myspace using regular Ps3 browser try turning of java script worked for me

  4. JeffNY writes:

    Was thinking of getting a Playstation 3 (to play a couple games but mostly to play BlueRay discs and surf the net) but was at a friends house yesterday to see how well the web browser worked…..IT SUCKS!!!!!! You can't get YouTube videos to play (you get a black screen with just audio), even though on the main screen on the top right there is a big button Sony put there that says "YouTube"!!And why do you have to scroll around the web browser window to see the whole window!!! Does Sony realize how INSANE their web browser and the way it displays on the screen is? This think is USELESS.I could see using a Playstation 3 with a wireless keyboard (like the one from Logictech with the included touchpad to use as a mouse) could be fun on a big screen TV……….but NOT with the Sony web browser. Why did they even bother? This thing is a >horrible< JOKE!Can't someone build and sell a web browser for the Playststion that you could buy for $19.99 or $24.99 and be able to buy it and download it online like games for the Playstation? I would gladly pay that kind of money for an app that could deliver the internet to my big screen TV!! Someone, PLEASE, take my money and give me a web browser for the Playstation!!!Well, maybe Apple will add their Safari web browser to Apple TV…..that thing is looking better all the time… might even be able to play games soon! Watch out Sony, an Apple TV (and $150 blue ray player) may kill a lot of Playstation sales! 🙂

  5. Opera for PS3 would be absolutely awesome, and I have almost no doubt that it is Going to happen. Also, who honestly searches opera forums in order to post this " quit bitchin you nerds you all have no lives anyway a opera browser wont get you laid you fairys haha " I mean honestly? You are attempting to make fun of "nerds" who are simply replying to a post on a subject that many people agree on, and your the one who says something that has nothing to do with what is being said here and not only that but doesn't have the decency to use their real account name. If anyone is a nerd it would have to be you "Anonymous user #8" For attempting to seem cool by poorly making fun of people discussing a topic. And did anyone say that they hope Opera is on PS3 so that we can have get laid? I don't recall that, but maybe its you with that sad sad post, that was truly pitiful. I feel bad for your parents, having to put up with that crap 24/7. Seriously, why don't you go get a life and stop trying to be better than everyone, because obviously, its not working for you.

  6. I can't believe I have forgotten about this and that Opera developers made a PlayStation 3 Linux edition (OtherOS).I have been writing to Sony about upgrading the PlayStation 3 Internet Browser (Access NetFront) to Opera since the PlayStation 3 version has not been updated for a long time. Some sites (especially their forums) won't render completely or won't render at all. I even have made a blog asking people to write to Sony to upgrade the browser to Opera.I hope it's okay if I linked to your blog as well about PlayStation 3 needing a better browser.

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