5 stars for Opera 9.5

Opera is on the front page of today:

The latest version of the Opera browser is here, and it's a stunner. Integrated theme previews, an improved address bar search tool, built-in torrent support, and real-time fraud prevention earned Opera 9.5 a coveted five-star review.

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13 thoughts on “ 5 stars for Opera 9.5

  1. NoSanninWa writes:Not well deserved. This is the first version of Opera I wouldn't give a 5 star rating to. While I love the new look and new features, they needed more time crush bugs and make basic websites like yahoo mail work before releasing it. I'd only give it 4 stars and that makes me sad.

  2. Although i thought the opposite, it was smart to release it just before Firefox and not simultaneously. Opera gets really nice coverage.

  3. I'm thrilled with this new version, it works brilliantly and solves just about every last niggling issue I've had with some sites. Even the sites that used to work with speed sisues from substandard javascript now work just fine. I don't know much about the new themes, I don't use any buttons (I prefer keyboard shortcuts, so the buttons are removed) or the tab bar, but everything else is great. And fast! =D

  4. Doulos writes:digg labs doesn't show correctly either. However, I love the new skin and the search history is awesome.

  5. Firefox's release date actually had nothing to do with 9.5 being released now. Release dates are determined by a number of things, but what Mozilla is doing was not one of them :)Opera 9.5 has been undergoing testing for a very long time. Our Desktop QA people know about what unfixed bugs remain, and now was the time to give more people the chance to experience better speed and page compatibility. There will always be bugs, so it's just a matter of knowing about the bugs and measuring whether they are important enough to block a long-overdue release, or whether they can wait for a future version.Every time a new version of Opera is released, someone thinks it's too soon, but in software, you have to ship at some point and leave more bug fixing for later versions. Complex applications like browsers will never be completely bug free.

  6. I'm not surprised that 9.5 got a good review, that's just logical. :yes:But I am amazed by the fact that actually spoke of something other than Firefox.

  7. the Requirements are missing some things it does not Mention it is available for more than just Windows MachinesOpera 9.52 Rocks!!!

  8. Opera is a great and interesting web browser. i'm so amazed about what you guys are doing. GOD is really helping you. any how, if there is any good info about opera pls. let me know. thanks

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